Service détaxe

Free taxe service at Italie Deux ​ Discover the triple sale tax free service at the reception of Italie II for non-EU tourist.

Gathered your purchase receipts and generate a unique tax free form

As you may know, the French customs authorize a tax refund for a minimum spending of 175.01€ in the same store, the same day.

Thanks to the triple sale tax free service in place at Italie II, you can now shop your favourite brands, gather all your purchase receipts under €175.01 in the participating store and get a single tax free form by visiting the reception desk.

This new Tax Free experience allows you to claim your purchases under 175.01€ , simplify the Tax Free form validation and the refund process as all your purchases receipts are gathered on a single and unique tax free form.

Please visit the Reception desk of Italie II located on the ground floor, from Monday to Saturday until 7:45pm and the Sunday until 6:45pm. CONDITIONS OF ELIGIBILITY

The conditions of eligibility resulting from French customs legislation are still applicable.

Mandatory documents :

·         Original and valid passport to be presented at the reception desk to prove your eligibility.

·         Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland citizens can present an original and valid identity card.

·        French citizen living outside UE for more than 6 months must also present a valid consular registration card.

Reminder: You can gather your purchase receipts from participating stores only (Stores equipped with the “Premier collect” sticker display).

> More information on Tax Free eligibility.